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DO YOU KNOW: Supplements help human body to recover fast

fact about protein

Proteins are an integral and most essential part for human diet structure. the most essential nutrient for muscle growth and repair, can also serve a fuel for body.

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Just another website if it is you think…

A bunch of few enthusiasts who have been working actively for two decades into fitness industry, observing patterns and behaviours of offline and online channel; imports and parallel imports; many of youtubers and “fitness icons” claiming to work for the betterment of fitness industry vividly expanding here in India.

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Authenticity and Affordability

The idea is to promote and boost the industry while providing the best of prices for the best range of products available worldwide!! YES …

The idea will be to provide only and only best of brands with rightful knowledge for how and when it to be consumed

The supplements will be directly sourced from the official india suppliers of the brands available

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different range of supplements

Whey Protein

Protein is a basic block

Fat Burners

may with caffine as prime ingredient, raises body temprature for a short time span for about 8-16%


These are amino acids isolated and clubbed which primarily works on muscle repair and strengthning

Omega 3,6,9

aids in brain function, cardio vascular activities, inflammatory properties and more

Weight Gainers

high calorie drinks for rapid weight gain

Pre workouts

helps in boosting performance for a standard 60-90 minutes enables the user to maximize their weight lifting strength upto 30%

Micro Nutrients

majorly for elderly and hardcore bodybuilders, providing them a higher degree of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals which helps in absorption of their daily macro intake

Androgen Support

Testostrone and Estrogen are two disctinctive hormones, a proper balance and an optimal level of these in any human body can do wonders.. .

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Whey Protein
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